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Yesterday I attended Really Realtime Conference at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm.
It was a great event even though I couldn’t attend all day and therefore missed for example Stowe Boyd. Anders Mildner did not miss him, and he has written about his speach.

But I did chat some with Boyd over some wine afterwards. What a person! I really like his thoughts. I was in a panel earlier during the day, where we spoke some about “The real-time schock”, and Boyd asked me some follow-up questions. I write this post in english, for him especially because he said he had checked SSBD up without understanding a word.

Well. Stowe Boyd asked me about how I see the future of journalism, about my expectations. I couldn’t answer right away, thus I did some thinking on the bus today. For those of you who weren’t there, here is my answer, together with what I said in the panel;
The future of journalism is a blank page in my book. I can hardly imagine what will happen with the media or journalism within ten years. But, it doesn’t matter because we’re in a middle of a revolution. And in a revolution nobody knows what’s next. In a revolution people – or in this case – organisations and companies – die. Some journalists seem to be so scared about that. I don’t understand why.
In a revolution old structures fall apart. That doesn’t necessary have to be something bad. Because new houses are built from the ruins, new trees start to grow of the burned land, and that’s awesome, exciting.
And who are to survive a revolution? Those who hide under their beds, those who close their eyes, those who try to run away? Or those who welcome the changes and see whats in it for them?

Journalism as we know it has been around for a little more than 100 years. How come some journalists are so sure it will last forever? We have already seen lots of changes during those years. How come some journalists are so worried about the future, or maybe losing their jobs, so they seem to do whatever they can to stop what’s happening?

Journalism is a greater issue than individual jobs. Journalism is about democracy and freedom of speach, not about newspapers. Journalism as we know it may not exist in the future. But I am pretty sure it will be replaced with something, and hopefully something better. And whatever happens, I refuse to fight against it, I will be where it happens when it happens, because I want to be part of the future.

Here you can watch another great speach from the event, Jyri Engeström, the founder of Jaiku. There are also lots of other blogs and pics from the conference.

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